How exactly can I help you? Well, check below.

Political Consulting

Real results due to real experience. Get real advice on how to win a race with a plan to follow for the best results.

Marketing Strategy

Let’s sit down today and I can give you a plan to get the sales you want and need.

Digital Media

Audiences fostered with quality content made to bring the best information and entertainment with purpose.


Proven ability gained through real world experience

God’s word says in Matthew 7:16 By their fruit you will recognize them…”. When you want to see someone’s talents you look at their works, production and efforts.


What makes me special? The training I’ve had from the following trusted organizations.
university of toledo
Leadership Institute
P1 Learning

Who is Ron Johns?

Christian / American / Entreprenuer

Ron Johns

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This is me and its currently best business picture. I am horrible at smiling in photos but great at making you smile with results.

My name is Ron Johns. I’m many things to many people but what is important is what I am to you.

Are you looking to increase sales at your business through marketing or increased efficiency of your salespeople? Are you looking to run for office but don’t know where to start?

Let me know and I would love to help and start a great business relationship.

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